"The moment we walked into the Dubin Learning Center, we knew we had found a good fit for our son.  The personal, family-like atmosphere and Deidre's ability to engage a 7 year old instantly put us at ease.  The breadth and depth of Deidre's experience working with learning disabilities is truly impressive.  We have been astounded at the progress Thomas has made in a short amount of time.  Deidre's techniques are highly personalized and the individual attention is proving invaluable."  - Lisa Couvillion

"The Dubin Learning Center is the antithesis of a slick, cold, faceless, and impersonal institution.  Rather, it is a warm and comfortable place, like a home.  The Center designs its services to match the needs of each student, instead of expecting its clients to adapt to a standardized program.  The staff goes to considerable lengths to understand what each student's needs are.  The Dubin Learning has been an invaluable, treasured part of our family's academic life." - Richard and Joan Hecht

"Because of your proficient testing procedures and supporting recommendations, our request for extended time for Freddy's SAT was granted. We are very grateful." - Nina Meyer​

"Dear Barry, thank you for all the kind things you continue to do for Chris.  I continue to be overwhelmed by your large hearted attitude and your magnanimous contributions to his life.  He admires and respects you more than you could know.  May you  be blessed for your superb modeling and input to a young life." - With Love, Trudy King

"Dyslexia made my early years of schooling extremely difficult emotionally as well as academically. It is no exaggeration to say that my current career as a marine biologist would not have come to pass without the personalized learning experience and early educational aid I received at the Dubin Learning Center." - Dr. Julio Harvey



"Barry & Deidre, thank you for all of the work you have done with Giselle. I am very grateful. She has blossomed and is now looking forward to going to school every day. She is thinking of her future goals and it wouldn't have happended if you weren't around." - Gina Cuevas


"The Dubin Center is a warm, love filled environment where learning and success are achieved.  Knowledge of instructors was beyond our expectation.  They tailor each students program to each students direct need.  There is no "one way is best" attitude.  They took time to listen and learn who my child is and what her needs are before structuring a plan for her.  Now, she is thriving and NOT singled out in class as struggling.  Her esteem as well as her grades are up where they never have been before.  We are blessed to have the Dubin's in Santa Barbara." - Lisa Yabsley

"Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You have helped Greg to learn and grow.  He has many fond memories of his year at the Dubin Learning Center.  We are very fortunate to have been a part of such a special place."  - Margaret Bernal



With a positive attitude and a sense of humor, Barry Dubin has helped our children hone their test-taking skills.  Thank you so much for helping Julia.  She is thrilled to be accepted to both Cate and Thacher in the most competitive year ever, the only one from her school. Robert and Ann Deiner



Matthew was not a functional reader when he began at the Dubin Center.  He was described as easily distracted in the classroom, a wanderer, someone who failed to complete assignments.  In reading he had a real problem with sound symbol association.  The school was strongly recommending special education classroom placement.  Four months later, he reads at a fourth grade level.  Confidence and self-esteem, born not because they were taught him, but because of the things acomplished, are the results.  One cannot help but feel a tremendous bond of affection for Mrs. Dubin for the terrific difference made in one life.

Barbara Lamboley



In fifth grade, we realized that unless our daughter got extra help, she risked failing.  At the Dubin Learning Center, assessment showed that she had a previously unidentified learning disability.  Summer classes and after school tutoring gave Sophie renewed interest in learning and a new confidence in her own abilities.  She gained study skills, and her report card showed remarkable improvement.  She qualified for GATE classes at SBJH.  We couldn't be happier with the technical and emotional support we found at theDubin Learning Center. Kathryn and Jeffrey Dinkin



The work at the Dubin Learning Center is of the highest professional caliber.   I rely upon the experience and acumen of Deidre Dubin.  She administers appropriate tests with insight and experience, and supplements her testing with close observation.  The Dubin Learning Center is an invaluable resource in Santa Barbara. Bonnnie R. Corman, Ph.D.Educational Consultant



I will miss all your wisdom and guidance over the years. You have helped me very much and I thank you for it. Justin Rodriguez



Dear Barry, I'd like to thank you for showing me there's always a chance. You've played a big a part in my High School career and in life. I know I'll do well some day and when I do, I'll have you to thank.With much love and thanks. Alexi Bayly



Thanks Deidre, for helping me out and making me a better student.  You are the best teacher I've ever had.  Brian Dear Deidre, I'd like to thank you for all your work with Karl Eckert.  It paid off beautifully during his first quarter at Junior High.  His first report card was straight A's.  He seems to be sailing through  GATE English, and that's been a pleasant surprise.  Thanks for setting him on the right road.Marcia Pearson


Dear Jackie and Barry, Thank you very much for all the help you've given Ian throughout the years.  As we prepare for him going away to college, we can't help but think of people such as yourselves who helped create opportunities for him.  He was accepted to a variety of great colleges and chose to attend Berkeley.  We are sure your encouragement, confidence building, and tutoring helped create these opportunities.  Thank you very much. Fondly,Darlene Bierig




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