Our Daily Morning Program and Summer Sessions

Daily Morning Program - Students attend 1 to 4 hours daily , Monday through Friday. This program meets the needs of students ranging from severely learning disabled to home schooled, gifted and students who travel for various reasons such as sports tournaments.


For the students with learning challenges, the goal is to bring them to grade level or above, allowing for a successful return to full time school.


For home schoolers, we provide parent and curriculum support.

Summer Sessions
Individual Sessions for our Morning & Summer sessions

Our Summer sessions begin in June and go through August.

Schedules are  flexible. They range from 2hour daily sessions  5 days / week, to 1 or 2 hour sessions 2x-5x week.



With no school session and no homework demands, Summer is a great opportunity for your child to catch up and prepare for the coming year.


Individual sessions optimize a student's progress by tailoring instruction to needs and learning style.

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