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Through out the years we've started to collect the most common questions and concerns, if yours isn't here please let us know ...


Do you work with problem students with behavorial issues?

We work with students when the behavioral problem is secondary to the learning problem. Learning problems can often arouse anxiety which can be manifested in behavior such as withdrawal, acting out, or becoming the class clown.  If the behavior problem is the primary issue then counseling is more appropriate.



Can you talk to the School District for us?

We use a  collaborative team approach involving the Ed. Therapist , parents, and teacher whereby we are readily available to discuss progress, ongoing concerns, and attend school meetings including the IEP.


What does it cost to go to Dubin?

Individual Educational Therapy sessions - $75 - $90/hr.

Daily Program – $3,000/month (based on $75/hr. for 2hrs. /day individual instruction)

Evaluations range from $90 to $850 (based on $90/hr.)

(Fee reductions are available when there is a financial challenge.)



Is Dyslexia a cureable disorder?

There is no cure for dyslexia. It's a lifelong condition caused by inherited traits that affect how your brain works. However, most children with dyslexia can succeed in school with a specialized education program that may include specific reading methodology, assistive technology and accommodations.  Many students with dyslexia have special gifts such as creative and artistic strengths. Emotional support also plays an important role in helping students understand their challenges, know that they can learn but they learn differently, advocate for themselves as they get older, and recognize their strengths as they are supported in following their passion. 



When can we expect to start seeing improvements?

There should be notable gains seen by the end of the first month.  The rate of progress will give some indication of the severity of the problem. 



How often and for how long do students generally come?

After the testing is done, the number of sessions per week depends on the severity of the problem, logistics, and finances.  The average number of sessions is 2 to 3 times per week.  Sessions are generally for an hour. It is difficult to determine how long the student will need to attend.  A general guideline is two years for every one year behind, but each child progresses differently.




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