Educational Therapy


In working with a child with a Learning Disability, the Dubin Center takes a whole child approach.  As Educational Therapists, Barry and Deidre see the child in the context of the school, family, and peers, addressing a child's social and emotional needs as well as the academic concerns and processing challenges. The Dubin Center fosters self-esteem,confidence, and self-direction. 

We Work With:

  •  Academics

  •  Learning Strategies of Organization, planning, focusing and task completion

  •  Following Directions

  •  Problem Solving

  •  Test-taking strategies

  •  Fine-motor skills

  •  Visual and Auditory Perception

  •  Spatial Skills

  •  Language skills

  • Cognitive Ability Training

  •  Symbol reversals

  •  Sequencing

  • Self-esteem and confidence

We attend the IEP's consult with the teachers, and are always available to discuss parent's concerns.  Parents of the younger child may sit in on their child's sessions to help understand their child's particular strengths and needs and how best to work with the child at home.  The Dubin Learning Center sees itself as a partner, working with parents to facilitate children reaching their potential.


Errors are analyzed in terms of the reason for the error.  With increased awareness, the student can begin to address the problem and take control. Underlying difficulties are remediated and the students are taught through their strengths.


For children with severe reading problems such as Dyslexia, we use a variety of multi-sensory reading methods including  The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing™ Program, The Seeing Stars™ Program, The Visualizing and Verbalizing™ Program, Read Naturally, and Orton-Gillingham techniques,  for developing word attack skills , fluency, and comprehension. There are additional techniques to address underlying processing difficulties such as reversals(p/b, was/saw), sequencing errors (tops/spot), loss of place and poor fluency. We develop an optimum program for each student rather than fit each child to a predetermined method.


We work with development of logic, spatial organization in setting up problems, techniques and games for memorizing facts particularly the multiplication tables, understanding of number and numerical reasoning, as well mastery of all math operations.


Written Language
We have especially developed material for developing hand muscularity and dexterity and handwriting. Written language progresses from sentences to paragraphs, to book reports and research articles.




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