The Dubin Center fosters self-esteem, confidence, and self-direction through individual sessions – each session optimizes learning by teaching through strengths (visual, auditory, or hands on) whilst remediating weaknesses.

Why Dubin?

We use a  collaborative team approach involving the Ed. Therapist , parents, and teacher whereby we are readily available to discuss progress, ongoing concerns, and attend school meetings including the IEP.

Both Barry and Deidre have been instructors at several Universities, including U.C.S.B., training teachers to work with students with Learning Differences.

Parent Support
Life Long Mission

The Dubin differnce is in our approach to individual needs based teaching where we offer...


  • A program developed for each student which is based on an initial assessment. It is revised each session, depending on progress, so that the student feels challenged but not frustrated, experiences daily success, feels confident, and finds that learning is fun and a reward in itself.


  • A program that allows the student to use his or her strengths, interests and creativity.


  • A knowledge of child development to work with any underlying skills that may be making the learning process difficult - fine-motor, reversals, sequencing, listening, memory, language and thinking skills.


  • 36 years of experience and a wide variety of techniques, games, computer programs and materials to find just the right combination for students to reach their potential.


  • Test Preparation: SAT and Advanced Regional Class Studies


  • Proven Reading Methods for the dyslexic student, which includes phonemic awareness, symbol imagery and visualizing to develop phonics and comprehension.


  • Fast  ForWord computer-based training programs ·which have helped thousands of children make 1-3 years of language and reading progress in just 4-8 weeks


  • 36 years of research on how the brain learns, Fast ForWord can help everyone see the bright child you know is there.

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